Rogaška Slatina – Šmarje pri Jelšah – Ljubljana, 20.- 22. 4. 2017

Here’s a photo reportage of Spotlight theater’s visit to Slovenia, with play Craving, which was performed in Slovenia for the first time. Eight-member team, led by four actors Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, Uroš Novović, Jovan Zdravković, Marko Panajotović, are all introduced to us before, with their play Macho Men. We have visited various sights, from Anna’s Palace, the Museum of Baroque, and even a painter Roman Uranjek in Ljubljana. The play itself, in Šmarski Hall KD, could’ve been visited by more public and that might be the reason the existing public was so excited. At first sight, it is perhaps considered as a heavy drama, because you have to think beyond the view, which is the reason this play is so great. After that, we had a cocktail party in the lobby of KD, where we hung out a little, drank a glass of wine, and ate homemade bread dipped in pumpkin seed oil. There was also an afterparty in KunsHaus until early morning hours. The following day, we went on a small trip to Škofja Loka, where our friends Neđad and Klaudija have invited us for the lunch. Later, we drove back to Ljubljana, as we were preparing for another play. The crew have visited Roman Uranjek and returned to Mini Theater, where they were greeted by the host Robert Waltl. Many legendary artists have viewed the show: Demeter Bitenc, Polonca Vetrih, Barbara Vidovič, Mitja Rotovnik, Marička Jurovič, Aleksandra Barič, Gabrijela Fleischman, Sara Špalec, Vitan Mal, Roman Uranjek… we were surprised by director Vojislav Arsić, who flew from Belgrade to a show in Ljubljana. It was amazing. It was wonderful for all of us and our guests. We are already making plans to see each other again.

For whole visit, I have to thank everybody who helped me> DrogaKolinska – BarCaffe, general sponsor of their visit. Knjižnica Šmarje pri Jelšah, Mini teater Ljubljana, Zavod Ljudski muzej Rogaška Slatina, KunstHaus Produkcija, Podoba, časopis OKO, Rogaške novice, Klet Kregar, Matic Vizjak, Lučka Lipnik, Restavracija Kompliment, Jože Čakš, Robert Waltl, Aljoša Kovačič, Janez Skobe, Đevđa, Vojko Dolšak, Pero Čakš, Mili Mašera, Branka Aralica, Ksenija Terbovc, Matic Javornik, Janko Cahon, Rok Černezel and ZenZen. And thanks to all of you who bought tickets and, in that way, helped us to cover the expenses.

Nani Poljanec, organizator gostovanja

Gostovanje Reflektor teatra v SlovenijiRogaška Slatina•Šmarje pri Jelšah•Ljubljana, 20.- 22. 4. 2017In tukaj je obsež…

Posted by Nani Poljanec on 23. travnja 2017