100 for 100! Hundredth performance of our play Macho Men for hundred real men.

Spotlight theater’s play Macho Men was performed for 100th time last night in Bitef theater, in front of 100 real, successful men. Play had its premiere in 2012., and visited nine different countries, as it was watched by over 20.000 people.

100th performance of a play is an important achievement, but it’s especially dear to us, since Macho Men is our first professional theater play, my first cooperation with Milena Bogavac, and a real proof that public wants and respects documentary and youth theater content, said Vojislav Arsić, the director of the play.

Spotlight theater, with the support of Color Press Group, gathered real men in theater, and their answers to our questions about growing up, idols, advice for youth, you can read on Spotlight theater’s website.

We wanted to send a message to young men about possibilities to be better and worth more, to understand life in Serbia as a challenge and not as an excuse, and exactly because of that, we’ve invited real men as our companions. We have to thank everybody who supported youth theater with their presence, responses and attempt to, with us, find a tenable way of work on educative content, said Aneta Goranović, manager of Spotlight theater.

Event 100 for 100 was supported by Dragan Bjelogrlić, Aleksandar Gatalica, Robert Čoban, Boris Trivan, Milan Jovanović Lane, Srđan Ognjenović, Renato Grbić, Bojan Vasković, Bojan Gluvajić, Boris Bakalov, Karlo Zagorac, Vuk Vučković, Jovan Jelisavčić, Nenad Radujević, Milan Antonijvić, and many others.

We invite you to follow and read responses of real men.

Event 100 for 100 was supported by Color Press Group, Color Media Communication, Ambassy of Qatar and Law Office Sekulović.