We are the Spotlight Theater, an independent youth theater that is trying to make Serbia a better place. When we decided to found a theater, people have warned us that theater is an expensive toy. We believed them, but we didn’t give up.

Spotlight theater is a civic theater that is not financed from the budget of Republic of Serbia. That doesn’t make us specially, but it gives us freedom to, in theater, work on things that we believe in. Spotlight theater, in its production, has 4 plays that have been performed 156 times altogether, and were watched by 30.000 people. They’ve been performed in 10 countries, 46 cities and we travelled for 30.467 kilometers altogether, which is 8% of path to the Moon.

Maybe our goal is to get to the Moon, and maybe our goal is to, from the Moon, return to Serbia.

Our work depends on you. We hope that you can help us to make a play “Back to Amy”, a documentary play about Amy Winehouse, who had her last concert in Belgrade. Belgraade has to make a monument for Amy, a warning that problems shouldn’t be solved with drugs or alcohol.

Help us make this play.


Here are the 6 ways, if you think of the 7th, you can write us on backtoamy@reflektorteatar.rs.


We started a crowfunding campaign and we believe that citizens of the world are ready to support this project, according to their own possibilities. We thought what to offer to good people who help us, and an important fact is that almost everyone who donate their money through IndieGoGo platform, will be able to watch the show live, through internet. Of course, only in case they’re not with us on Kalemegdan, in Belgrade.

Donate your money thorugh IndieGoGo platform and/or send a link to everybody you think they care, people who loved to listen to Amy.


Play “Back to Amy” will have its premiere on Kalemegdan, place where Amy stood in front of the public for the last time. That will be a big and important event for Belgrade and we believe that there are many responsible companies that would support this project.

We don’t know many people that work in companies, so we’ve sent them over 100 mails on addresses marketing@, that we find on the internet and we’ve received only a few responses, mainly negative.

If you know anybody from business sector and if you think that this project can be interesting to them, it would be important if you could tell us. If we can help, write us immediately on aneta@reflektorteatar.rs.


Among theater circles, there is a joke that the ancient belief exists which say that tickets to theater can be bought, and entering through a list is not the only way.

We did not steal this idea from politicians. They’ve got certain votes, and we’ve created certain tickets. If you’re at least 90% sure that you’ll come to see the play and buy a ticket for it, it would mean to us if you’ll tell us. In that case, we can count on you and money we earn from ticket sale in advance will be used for the production.

Also, when we define the exact date of the premiere, and that depends on time when we collect minimal resources, you will be the first to know, therefore you’ll have a chance to pre-order your tickets. You never known, maybe this play will be massively asked for, so we have to replace Kalemegdan with Arena. We won’t.

Apply for your certain ticket HERE.


Spotlight theater would not exist if there was no volunteering team that works and learns, launch and create theater daily. We invite you to join our volunteering team, to donate your time, knowledge and skills, as much as possible.

If you understand marketing If you understand technology If you understand production If you understand Amy If you understand cooking If you understand a needle and a string

You can help us with a short-time advice, by volunteering in a team, by working on production of scene or costumes, making sandwiches for rehearsal, or even just a tap on our shoulders.

NOTICE: If too many people apply, we will not be able to contact everyone and involve them in our project.

Apply to volunteer HERE.


Visibility of play “Back to Amy” is of key importance for its creation and survival. The more people know about the play, the bigger chances are that we interest sponsors and have Kalemegdan filled with public who came to see the play. At the end, public is the reason why we’re doing this. Without the public, theater is nonexistent.

If you apply and say that, in this way, you want to support our play, we will once a week send you information about the play through e-mail, and ask you to share them on your social networks. Of course, if you don’t like anything we’ve sent you, you don’t have to share it. In a period where one commercial on TV costs as much as production of our whole play, we are forced to achieve our visibility in different ways. And we actually like it.

Apply for our endorsement team HERE.

6. A LEXICON or what Amy meant to you?

For us, it is important to talk about her biography, achievements and falls, a mark that she has left on art, on music… but it is also important to talk about what she meant to us, ordinary people. Did we ever, from her songs, figured something out or done differently? Did she ever save us? Is she a warning to us?

We have made a lexicon survey and all we need is 30 minutes of your time. If you’re a fan, if you’ve got something to say, it would mean to us if you participate in exploring. If you don’t like the survey, write us in the form you want, whatever you want and think about Amy Winehouse on backtoamy@reflektorteatar.rs.

Fill in a lexicon HERE.