Exactly six years ago, on this day in Belgrade, Amy Winehouse had her las performance.

July 18th. 2017. Belgrade – At Kalemegdan, on the exact spot where Amy Winehouse had her last concert, the project Back to Amy was introduced, a documentary theatre production which will premiere in September later this year. On this day, six years ago, Amy Winehouse had a concert at the Kalemegda fortress. That was her last performance in front of an audience. Maybe she didn’t know anything about Belgrade. Maybe she didn’t even know she was in Belgrade. Either way, it was an accident, but it was an accident that can’t be ignored. An accident that can be interpreted in many ways. An accident that might not have been an accident. There are many similarities between Belgrade and Amy.

Back to Amy (Photo by Ana Stojakov)
Back to Amy (Photo by Ana Stojakov)

The play “Back to Amy” is a play about a singer-songwriter who popularised non-commercial musical creations, winning over the world and all thinkable musical recognitions. The play will, in a documentary fashion, address the artist’s work through Belgrade’s point of view, and the perspective of her last concert, while considering the role of capitalism and the cut-throat rules of show business, and a theatrical overview of causes and consequences. Back to Amy is a monument to her life’s work, but also a warning to all of us who treat life with a lack of respect and caution.

The subject that we are interested right now is Amy Winehouse: the phenomenon of her popularity, as well a this artist’s life story as a pop-cultural myth; a contemporary tragedy. But also as the start of a conversation about wider social debate about the issues of young people that lead to self destructive behaviour.

“She created from the depths of her heart. From the depth in which a personal darkness, pain, grief, and emptynes hid. From the depth that all of us have, but only few can transform into art. For me personally, Amy was an escape. Like a rope hanging over my head. The grinding of theath in the night. A plane ride in the wrong direction. I want to create the play Back to Amy because we owe it to her, and we owe it to ourselves. Your demons show up and they take your control and your knowledge. They can beat you, or you can beat the game. Back to Amy is a return to ourselves.” Said Vojislav Arsić, who is set to direct the play.

photos by Ana Stojakov