Crave, thank you.

This year “Crave” moved from the stage to the radio, and this weekend together we attended the premiere broadcast of the radio drama, and in this way, she was released from her life on the stage and escaped to the new world. The audience who had already seen the show had already been released from Crave, but there were also those who met her for the first time last night. The actors had the opportunity to look at themselves on the screen for the first time, playing “Crave” in one of the famous performances between the memorial walls, while it was raining. In addition to the radio drama, we also took a look at the performance, after which we listened to the conversation about the birth of a lunatic, life, end and a new way. Since September 2015, the show has been seen 30 times in several cities in Serbia and the region. Her theatrical life was successful, and the night event showed us that her life will continue on the screens and through the sound waves. This is the first performance to which Reflector theater has said goodbye to since its beginning. We are glad that the “Crave” found her new life and did not die on the stage where she was born. We want to thank her for everything new and well that she brought us, what she taught us. You will soon be able to look forward to listening to and watching her on our site –

Thank you FLUX Radio, thank you Ben Akiba. Thanks to everyone who showed up with the show with us.