The TESZT Festival in Timisoara, hosted many theater troupes at the end of May, among which the Reflector Theater team was located, which presented its six-year performance – the play “The Men”.


The Teszt Festival gathers creators from the sphere of theater and stage art to create a platform for the exchange of skills, knowledge and ideas. For seven days the audience had the opportunity to see the performances of artists from Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and many others.


The men performed on the sixth day before the full hall of the Army Hall. Our actors, at first glance, are innocuous, but essentially seriously asked some important questions on the subject of masculinity today. They showed a confusing system of values and reflections of youth born during the wars in the Balkans and sent a message on freedom, personal achievement and imposed norms that prevent young men from being what they really are. The atmosphere in the audience and the reactions were extremely positive, which showed that even language barriers can not obscure the meaning and the essence – which is all the same in the world is equal only, perhaps, to different forms.


After the show, a round-table discussion followed, where the actors explained in a charming way the motives and aspirations that they gained during the work on this show, which they now transmit to all who want to hear – what does it mean to be a real man?


Photo: Petru Cojocaru