The first Rurban day in Mokrin was successfully completed


In the middle of Wednesday, in the north of Vojvodina, Reflektor teatar and Mokrin House organized the first Rurban day. As the name itself says, that event, of a festival type, is conceived as a blend of urban and rural, global and local in an authentic encounter between the village and the city.


The idea was to give this event an opportunity for visitors and guests to actively participate and enjoy the content that links the idea to present current and activist themes in an atypical environment. An inspired and authentic environment was a good host for all people working on it and supporting the activist and cultural scene in Serbia today.


The first Rurban day was opened by Slavimir Stojanovic, the leading Serbian designer, by promoting his illustrated book “Singi Lumba and the Magic of Magic Pencils”. This picture book is a colorful, imaginative, superbly illustrated and designed book designed for children aged 3 to 7 years. Great attendance and great response were a good sign for the beginning of the life of this new rurban festival event.


After Slavimirs promotion, the courtyard of Mokrin House was turned into a rurban theater scene under the clear sky of Vojvodina, and a multi-production performance “Jami District”, by Milena Bogavac and director Kokan Mladenovic, was performed. With this performance, the fictitious village of Jamen from the three borders of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia came to the real village of Mokrin for the first time.


And for the end of a dynamic day in a quiet place, the first day of the Rurban Day, closed by Marko Šelić Marcel’s concert, which with its strong energy has shown that the rural ambience can be home to the progressive and urban creators who are boldly moving from the urban to the rurban phase!


We thank the companies Nectar and Erdevik, Apatin Brewery and Mokrin Local Community for the unselfish support they provided on the first Rurban Day.