The premiere of the play “DEATH TO FASCISM! On Heroes and Freedom” will be held on May 9 in Atelje 212. Milena Minja Bogavac, author of the concept, text and director of the show Death to Fascism !, revealed the roots of the need to create a new show.


“Because the fight against fascism has never been completed. Because the community needs heroes. Because young people need faith in a better tomorrow. Because they need inspiration and hope. Because young people today are not the “worst generation ever”. Because this generation requires knowledge. Because one who knows how to understand the past, understands the present. Because we believe young people and their belief in ideals. Because fascisms, in the world, os raising its heads again. Because we have to raise our own. Because we lift our head, then when we raise our voice. Because – youth. Because – not fascism” says the author of the play.


In January this year, the author team of the play DEATH TO FASCISM! On Heroes and Freedom, together with five young actors, started their research work and search for lost stories about the Ribar family and Sloboda Trajkovic.


Wanting to remind the public of the importance of the political thought of this young revolutionary, but also to announce in a certain way the premiere of a new play inspired by his character and work, Reflector Theater in the UK Parobod celebrated 102 years since the birth of the national hero Ivo Lola Ribar.


The program included scenic reading of letters and speeches by Iva Lola Ribara, and the specificity of this performance was mirrored in performances in various UK Parobrod rooms. The actors, Djordje Zivadinovic Grgur, Nina Neskovic, Suncica Milanovic, Nikola Zivanovic and Strahinja Blazic, presented their long-term research and work to a large number of visitors and, through the rooms of Parobrod, presented the life path of Iva Lola Ribar and his loved ones.


Aneta Goranovic, Director and Producer of the Reflector Theater, invited the audience to support their work on the show, which, like all previous ones, was created without state support.


Reflector theater proposes an alliance and sympathy relationship, to all who believe in the need to constantly fight fascism, to all who believe in the power of the story of Ivo and Sloboda, to all who want the new generations not to forget this shocking and inspirational story. Be part of our fight, we are here and we know that victory is possible, they say from Reflector Theater.


Retrieved from: Danas