Amy Winehouse had a last concert in Belgrade, on June 18, 2011. This concert in Belgrade was a debacle, and not just for Amy. It was debacle for society which led for this to happen.

Belgrade has to have her monument. The monument, which is consistent with her style. One that's not made of marble or concrete. But the one which creates and runs. The one that warns. Theater show "Back to Amy" is the monument for her in Belgrade.

What is Back to Amy?

Theatre play “Back to Amy” is a play about songwriter who made the non-commercial music content very popular, conquering the world and all music relevant awards. The play will documentary access the work of an artist through the lens of Belgrade and her last concert, through thinking about capitalism and cruel rules of the entertainment world and through stage review on causes and consequences.

The topic that interests us now is Amy Winehouse: Phenomenon of her popularity as well as the life story of this artist as pop-cultural myth, modern tragedy but also a reason for wider social debate about problems of young people, which leads them to different forms of self-destructive behavior.

Our play about Amy Winehouse is not dramatic and it’s not biographic. This is a documentary, autobiographical expression about why we love her, why do we identify with her songs and a question: Did we learn something from her?

In this play, nobody plays Amy. Actresses and actors on stage play artistically shaped stories from people around the world, people who were on her last show in Belgrade... Who loves her music and who, for many reasons, were shocked by Amy’s tragic death.

Why is this play important?

Our performance is the way to raise a monument to Amy Winehouse. It is also a monument of her creativity, as well as warning to every one of us, that are treating our life and health without respect.

Dealing with our memories and thoughts about Amy, we want to rethink: What is the fatal attraction of self destruction? What happens when personal problems are treating like sensation? Did Amy’s tragedy have catharsis potential? Can art be created without the pain? Is pain main ingredient of artwork? And finally, why do we love the pain of others?

Is the man the biggest enemy to himself? Did we love Amy more than she loved herself? Did we love her exactly because she didn't love herself? What is the new tragedy, what is tragic in 21th century? What are we afraid of? Whom do we mourn? Will there be catharsis?


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