Spotlight Theatre is an independent youth theatre production which creates and develops without institutional and stable financial support. The basic idea of our work is the creation on theatre community and innovative production solutions which would enable audience to enjoy educational and contemporary theatre content, and for young authors and actors to gain the possibility to present their work respectfully.

We believe that young people have superpowers and that theatre can change the world so we invite you to be a part of the mission to create more beautiful and the world of better quality.

 How can you help Spotlight theatre?

Donate your time and knowledge.

As it is done by our volunteering team, which are young people who use their spare time on the development and promotion of our work. If you are experienced in marketing, finances, socially responsible business, legal aspects in the work of artists, or fields related to our work, be our advisor, friend, which will be available during the development of new ideas and partnerships. If you love theatre and youth, support us and share your craft with us (stiching, carpentry, make-up...) by becoming a member of Spotlight Theatre team.

Finantial donations.

If your firm, company, or you as a private individual, recognize the importance of culture, and wish to position yourself and represent yourself to young audiance, Spotlight theatre is open to you and is happy to cooperate. Finantial sponsorships imply sponsor pacages and partner relationship which enables you and your firm/company wider visibility, socially responsible business, direct communication with our audience, team amusement of your staff in theatre, and the creative potential of our team in the service of you image.

Wares and logistical donations.

If you wish to present your brand, product, or venue in a different way and make them visible to theatre and online public who follows our work , Spotlight Theater invites you to become our allies through wares and logistical donations. The development of our work is conditioned by support, which you can provide, and which also provides you with inovative and responsible promotion, which through media and direct visibility with our audience secures employment of young people and the popularization of theatre.

Media cooperation.

One of our primary goals is the making of theatre noncomecial content visible and available and in the fullfillment of that goal media sponsors are very important allies. We invite you to create with us quality media content and to provide to young people the possibility to inform themselves, get tickets and be regular theatre visitors.

Purchase of tickets.

Purchasing the tickets for the plays of Spotlight Theatre you are directly supporting and employing young authors and actors, and enable further development of our work.


With our donors and collaborators we develop ally and partner relationship, we are proud and we thank to our current co-producers, donors, collaborators, and media sponsors. We are looking forward to new cooperation and new members of our theatre community.

If you recognize our dedication, the importance of our work, and your benefit in the support of Spotlight Theatre, contact us and let’s start an allied and responsible cooperation.

Aneta Goranović


Preševska 13, Beograd