Light card is the first theatre loyalty card in Serbia. It is not just a card that grants discount to the plays of Spotlight Theatre, but it also proves that you are a part of one theatre community, a Spotlight community.

Light Card (in further text LC), besides discount of 30% on all the plays of Spotlight Theatre, provides knowledge and information first hand. The members of LC Club have the privilege to receive all the information about the plays, performances, and happenings via e-mail and SMS. This is a way of making direct communication with the audience, which does not end in the theatre, and which enables us to hear from you, to hear from the people who understand and support our work, and to share ideas, and by doing so include you in the Spotlight team. Together with our audience we create a new, unique, and loud theatre which raises questions and participates in development of youth theatre scene.

We believe that this is a way for you to improve our work with your content, both thematically and operationally. We are delighted to hear your commentary and suggestions and we expect you to be our allies and advisors in the creation of new plays and decision making.

Beside discount and information about our work, we are proud that we can present other benefits to the members of our LC Club which is made possible by our partners and allies. We wish to develop a healthy society, society which communicates, is responsible and uses it’s time for something of quality, with all the members of Spotlight community (co-producers, donors, media sponsors, successful individuals, and our audience).

How to become a member of Light card club?

You can acquire your LC by filling in the form which the volunteers of Spotlight Theatre promote after every performance of our plays in Belgrade. The volunteering team is there for you to guide you, explain to you everything, and help you obtain your LC. By filling in the form you automatically become a member of the club and gain the possibility for different benefits during the season, which you will be informed about during the month.

We are proud that LC Club is growing by the numbers after every play, that we have a faithful audience and because you understand. By buying tickets for the plays you are directly helping young artists, actors and authors, as well as the production team of the Spotlight Theatre. Our theatre community would not exist if it weren’t for you and we respect that. That is why the Spotlight community and LC Club exist.

                                                                                                                                                             Yours, Spotlight theatre