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Crvena - Samoubistvo nacije

Milena Bogavac

RED: A Suicide of the Nation

Misogyny is the cause of a demographic catastrophy

Director: Vojislav Arsić

The demographic picture of Serbia says that we are a nation that is dying out.

Every year the Republic of Serbia loses about 30 000 inhabitants and residents.

Every year in Serbia is executed from 100 to 200,000 intentional abortions.

Every seventh of the month members of the extremist, right-wing organization create public events in which they collect signatures for a ban on abortion.

Nobody collects signatures which the State is required to stop violence against women.

In 2013, in the domestic violence 43 women were killed.

In 2014, 27 women were killed.

From January to April 2015, 15 women were killed.

Every third woman in Serbia is a victim of physical, psychological or sexual violence.

The demographic picture of Serbia says that we are a nation that is dying out.

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The right to abortion is in accordance with the right of a woman to dispose of her body.

Political restricting of abortion does not increase the birth rate, but also contributes to increasing mortality and health problems of women due to improperly and illegally performed abortions.

The text of the play was created by collaging thesis of the book Mapping Misogyny in Serbia: Discourses and Practices (Marina Blagojevic, editor), excerpts from the daily and weekly press (Politika, Blic, Kurir, Informer and weekly, text: Mothers who are not that, the author Zorica Markovic), published in Serbia in the period from December 2014 to April 2015; sampling the speech of the President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic with songs of Goca Tržan, graffiti from public toilets from other, similar places.

Text scene Serbs with crosses slam was created in the workshop slam poetry and collective work of artist performances. The show uses song Red which is, for the premiere of this piece (2004), composed and sung by Igor Markovic aka Cutout MC.

The play was created through a six-month process of artistic and educational workshops, which was conceived and led by a team of co-authors and associates. The process was followed by andragogical research authored by Aleksandar Bulajic and Maja Maksimovic.


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