SPOTLIGHT THEATRE is an independent youth theatre production, stemmed form the theatre programme of the Centre E8.

It has been working under the new name since the January of 2017. although it has been on the theatre scene of Serbia and the region since 2012., with productions which goal was to popularize youth, engaged, new and different theatre expression. This expression, born on making equal of the artistic and activist, personal and political, and aestethic and educational, beses itself on the workshop methods and techniques of the process theatre, by which we believe that the process is of equal importance as the product. Focus of our work are young people whith whome we question important topics of society. We believe that theatre is not made of buildings, but people and ideas. Because of that our plays are preformed in different theatres, on different locations. Our plays reflect society and shed light to its darker sides.

We try to find innovative production solutions, as well as relevant ways to promote our work. We are interested in intensive development of the audience, who we see as an equal member of theatre community. We are also proud on our allies and the possibility to make plays sustainable and make new plays without the long term support of institutions. Our goal is to make our plays and our knowledge available to every young person who is interested in work in arts and culture so we could make a new, young, responsible scene.

SPOTLIGHT THEATRE. We shine in the dark.